The GetIn-CICERO consortium invites you to join the

GetIn-CICERO Conference German–Indonesian Talk on Research for Society

organized by RWTH Aachen University and Universitas Gadjah Mada

In this two-day conference with top-class participants, experts and scientists will discuss the important challenges for the future with representatives from business and politics.

Where are the intersections of research fields and economic interests and which political framework conditions can promote these synergies?

Where are the strategically important projects for Indonesia’s sustainable development and what urgently needed measures are on the agenda to prepare Indonesia for the changing environmental conditions?

Which common research areas between Germany and Indonesia are relevant to make scientific cooperation purposeful and planned in terms of common global interests?

How can the guidelines of Indonesia’s National Research Master Plan and the national research priorities be integrated in international research collaborations and thus incorporate national German and Indonesian as well as global goals?

The current pandemic has highlighted how vulnerable the global supply chains have become, the transformation of carbon-based energy production and industrial processes is gathering pace, climate change has begun to redistribute favourable and unfavourable living zones on our planet. At this time, it is once again necessary to think along the chain of causes and effects and to identify challenges and opportunities for the society.

Germany and Indonesia have set ambitious goals. Next year, the German phase-out of electricity from nuclear power will be completed. The tight timelines for ending energy production from hard coals and lignites will influence many industries. Indonesia intents making its marine resources, the agriculture sector and the mining sector to important pillars of its economic growth and will expand its industrial sector. At the same time, conservation of valuable water resources is compulsory for a sustainable and climate-resilient water supply.

Scientists are called upon to make their essential contribution with expertise and prudent consideration of the opportunities and risks for the successful solution of the tasks ahead. We invite you to come to Yogyakarta in July 2022 to get involved in the expert discussions and networking with scientists, representatives from industry, politics, and society.

The goals of the conference are high level exchange, discussions and networking. The aim is to outline the challenges in specific fields of common interest, possible realizations, applications, and implementations of research into practice. It aims to form an up to date international research network, which takes the needs of sustainable development of the urban areas and the rural regions into consideration.

The results of the workshops and plenaries will be presented to the public in a White Paper. Indonesian as well as international experts and stakeholder of the conference will formulate this joint statement.

Leveraging this commitment of shared spirit, activities, and partnerships will be established to tackle further needs of joined research. Sharing knowledge, exchange of best practice in research and education and creating a common spirit in cooperation will strengthen the scientific success

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Plenary Sessions, Expert Groups and Workshops plus Poster Exhibition on

Making Water Supply Resilient for Future

Geothermal Energy and Sustainable Supply of Georesources

Circular Economy of Metals

Managing Geohazards

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